Founded in 2005 as a graphic design company dedicated to brand development, geekface? has grown into a network of companies that strive to provide you with quality news, products and services.


The geekface? team is constantly developing new websites, business and communities with the goal of enabling, enlightening and inspiring people of all walks of life. We get excited about innovation and individuality, and our desire is to make creativity both easy to access and simple to express.


LogoDesign.org - Live. Learn. Design.

LogoDesign.org is a community authored blog, focusing on anything remotely related to logo design. To put it simply, we love logos.


Our authors come from all walks of life, and their articles are geared towards anyone interested in design; from the freelancer to the hobbyist to the owner of a full scale design firm.



IdentityCrowd - Premade Logo Design Marketplace

At IdentityCrowd, we believe that the process of branding your business should be simple. Why wade through piles of concepts and request numerous rounds of edits when you can just buy the perfect, unqiue brand for your business


We only allow the most incredible brands to be listed on IdentityCrowd.. Browse our collection of unqiue (each brand only sold once) designs, created by talented designers from around the world, and see for yourself why our community is so awesome!


Hatchwise - Marketplace for Crowdsourced Writing & Design

Hatchwise is the revolutionary design marketplace that connects you with thousands of talented graphic designers and presents you with hundreds of custom entries created just for you!


When you crowdsource your project you get to review hundreds of custom entries and only pay for the one you love! Our community of literally thousands of designers and writers is standing by waiting to help you out!



Inkventor - Coming Soon!

Currently in development, Inkventor will connect designers and clients in a personal, one on one atmosphere that will enable collaboration and creativity.


Sign up at Inkventor.com to be notified as soon as we launch!